In Development

The Adventure Entertainment Cos. - AEC

For our own account, we have licensed development projects underway, as well as R&D in progress for our own brand and 3rd-party branded venues.
A recent addition is Project Rendezvous, where we have initiated ideation and concepting work for StoneCreek Partners and TR Las Vegas Group [ CLICK for access ]

A significant focus for AEC is mixed-used developments anchored by creative facilities such as film studios.   We favor mixed-use projects given the lower risk profile of projects with multiple profit centers.   Mixed-use can be successful in high-density urban settings as well as less dense exurban and outlying (sub-urban) locations.

CreativeCity team

Project Team, CreativeCity Studios Lekki

Adventure Studios site plan

CreativeCity Studios Seoul

Horror Restaurant

Horror Restaurant

Damon sculpture

Sculptured products

Data Mining

Data Mining Product Ideation

CreativeCity cutaway

Digital Hub at CreativeCity Studios Lekki

Adventure Studios Seoul

CreativeCity Studios Seoul

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