The Adventure Entertainment Cos., or AEC,  is an entertainment design, maker and manager dedicated to niche opportunities in the broad array of direct-to-consumer leisure-time experiences.   AEC is also a provider of business-to-business services and licensed products to the entertainment and leisure industries, including film studios, shopping malls and districts, attraction parks, and destination resorts.

In all of its work, the company seeks to create the “great places, great moments, and great memories,” for people everywhere.

AEC has provided creative support in world cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, Osaka, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, as well as other major cities, secondary cities, exurban, communities, and destination resorts.   AEC is often supported in its assignments, by strategic alliance partners in specific regions.

Adventure Entertainment Cos. is the former creative design and ideation unit of StoneCreek Partners, LLC, which remains a shareholder of AEC.